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Qatar may be one of the smallest territories in the Persian Gulf, but it makes up for this modest size with luxury and adventure. The country seamlessly blends millennia-old Middle Eastern culture with modern amenities and experiences for an unforgettable stay.

Whether you prefer to travel for adventure, luxury, the beach or sports, Qatar has a wealth of opportunities in store for you. And since this destination is still in the early stages of its tourism development, you’ll be among the first to discover all it has to offer. Still not sure if you want to go to Qatar for your next vacation? Here are the 3 best reasons to give in to temptation, in our opinion.

1. The weather is always good

Looking for a sunny destination? Qatar will satisfy you. Indeed, the weather is pleasant almost all year round. Winters are generally very mild with daytime temperatures ranging from 12 to 21°C in January (the coolest month), while summers are very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 41.5°C in July (the hottest month). And if it rains during your stay, you will have chosen to travel in winter, February being the rainiest month.

2. A harmonious mix of tradition and modernity

Qatar’s rich history is on display almost everywhere, from architecture to museums to markets to UNESCO World Heritage sites. But the country doesn’t live in the past, as Doha’s innovative buildings attest.

In fact, this destination is distinguished by a blend of tradition and modernity not found anywhere else. Qatar continues its heritage, but offers newcomers and travelers state-of-the-art facilities, hotels and infrastructure where international cultures, cuisines and lifestyles come together.

3. A host of extraordinary museums

In addition to housing rare artifacts, many of Qatar’s museums have exteriors as fascinating as the exhibits they contain.

Examples include the must-see Qatar National Museum, with its sandy-rose look, and the ALRIWAQ Museum and Art Gallery. It was originally a temporary structure, but its decor was so appealing that it became a permanent exhibition space. The Museum of Islamic Art, designed by an award-winning architect, is clad in limestone to reflect the sunlight, while the Sheikh Faisal Museum is housed in a perfectly preserved historic fort.

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