10 things to do in vancouver

Vancouver is a city in western Canada, in the Lower Mainland of the province of British Columbia. It is considered by many surveys as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vancouver owes this status to its exceptional natural scenery: Pacific Ocean, lush forests and mountains. The grandiose beauty of the West Coast is an integral part of Vancouver’s charm (which extends to North and West Vancouver). This is one of its major assets.

So it’ s not strange that we meet wild animals daily: squirrels, raccoons, and in winter even sea lions. The districts, often residential apart from Downtown, are nice and peaceful.

In this article, we present you the 10 best sites not to miss if you travel to vancouver.

10th position: Stanley Park

To visit Vancouver without passing through Stanley Park is impossible to imagine. It is the largest open space in the city, a place of peace and serenity for all residents. Every year, 8 million visitors come to discover the city’s jewel.

Covering an area of 400 hectares, you can go around it on foot or by bicycle on the well-known Seawall. The walk is simply beautiful, between sea, mountain, forest and buildings. Besides the Forest which shelters 500 000 North American trees, you may also stop in front of the totems made by the Amerindians. Take advantage of the beach and the sunset at English Bay or Kitsilano Beach. And if you want to know what to do in Vancouver with your family, the park’s aquarium is an ideal activity.

9th: Capilano Suspension Bridge

Visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a 137-meter-long, 70-meter-high bridge over the canyon. A similar attraction is Lynn Canyon Park. Slightly shorter and less high, it is free and less crowded with tourists.

To get a great view of Vancouver, take the cable car up to Grouse Mountain. From winter to summer, this resort changes completely, but it’ s a must-see in any season.

Finally, the last must-see is Deep Cove, further east. A small seaside village with a great charm, it is a haven of calm where hikers will find their happiness.

8th: VanDusen Botanical Garden

An alternative way to enjoy nature is to visit the VanDusen Botanical Garden. Its 7,500 plant varieties and extraordinary scenery are well worth a visit. Waterfalls, bridges, ponds and even a maze will enhance your day.

The garden is most popular in the summer and spring, but is open year-round. In the fall, enjoy the red, yellow and orange colors of the maple trees. If you want to visit Vancouver in December, you can enjoy the magic of the lights.

7th: Granville Island market

To visit Vancouver is to sample the fresh produce of local farmers and discover the original creations of artisans. On this peninsula is the large covered public market, a relaxing place to be in Vancouver.

Take advantage of it to have lunch on the food court, a place reserved for eating and trying traditional dishes. In summer, you can travel around the world through the dishes offered. It is also the chance to take a short ferry ride on the Aquabus.

6th: Chinatown

For a few years now, many Asians have been settling in Vancouver, especially in the Chinatown area. This is the second biggest Chinatown in North America, after San Francisco. You cannot miss this neighborhood with its imposing entrance, the Millennium Gate, and its Chinese merchants and restaurants. If you are looking for cheap souvenirs, here is the place to go. The Sun Yat-Sen Doctor’s Garden is a must-see, knowing that it was the first garden of its kind to be built outside China.

5th: Science World

So, what is that huge bowl that appears in all the Vancouver pictures? A science museum on the banks of False Creek, primarily for children. Many entertaining and educational activities and displays are offered to understand everything about physics. Sound, light, dinosaurs, fauna and flora, a great place if you don’t know quite what to do in Vancouver on a rainy day.

4th: Shannon Falls

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the coastal mountains outside Vancouver on this guided winter adventure getaway. From the fjords of Howe Sound to the majestic Coast Mountains, enjoy the natural wonders between Vancouver and Whistler. Listen to live commentary as you travel along the Sea-to-Sky Highway and visit Shannon Falls Provincial Park, the Squamish Adventure Centre and the famous Whistler Village ski resort, home of many 2010 Winter Olympic events. Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Vancouver included.

3rd: Vancouver Aquarium

This aquarium, located in Stanley Park, is also the biggest in Canada. With its 50,000 animals and its 11 water features, it is a great attraction for young and old to see otters, beluga whales, seals, penguins and a variety of other fish. It also offers multiple seminars, 30 exhibits and 20 performances, some of which are in 4D. If the aquarium is so well known in the world, it is in part because it is very focused on research into underwater life, to protect species.

2nd: Museum of Anthropology

With its bold architectural style, spectacular views of the sea and sky, and extraordinary collection of Northwest Coast First Nations art, the UBC Museum of Anthropology is a must-see museum in Vancouver. Don’t miss the spectacular Grand Hall, with its beautiful carved house masts, or Haida artist Bill Reid’s cedar sculpture, The Raven and the First Men. Try not to rush your visit to this renowned BC museum: the impressive collections of art and artifacts from around the world are worth your time.

1st: The Downtown

finally with the best site in vancouver . the downtown. Visiting Vancouver and its downtown area is difficult because of the ever increasing buildings in the downtown area. For a change of atmosphere, Gastown is a good example. Gastown is the historic part of the town with its cobblestone streets, Victorian style buildings and the famous Steam Clock that rings every 15 minutes. It is also a great place to see and a great place to go out at night. It’s the ultimate trendy neighborhood with its many cafes, hotels and restaurants. For shopping, head to Robson Street.

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The image sources are: https://commons.wikimedia.org – https://pixabay.com – https://canva.com

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