Best Places to Visit in Canada

There’ s more to Canada than field field hockey and frigid winters. Canada is one of the best attractions on the other side of the Atlantic. So whether you go in the spring and summer for a budget trip or take a lavish vacation in the fall and winter, the sights in Canada never disappoint.

In order to help you organize your stay, I have prepared a list of 5 places of interest, activities and things to see in Canada. And no matter what season you are traveling, you will find something to marvel at in the land of the caribou!.

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In 5th place: Montreal.

At first place, Montreal looks like a classic American city, with a huge network of highways winding around skyscrapers and plunging into wide, right-angled avenues.

But on closer inspection, Montreal is more like a jigsaw puzzle of different neighborhoods with a very different family atmosphere. You don’t have to travel miles of asphalt to get from one world to another: to experience the gentle bustle of a downtown filled with office workers by day and almost deserted by night, the laid-back atmosphere of the Plateau and Mile End streets, or the alternative and bubbly vibe of Mile Ex, unless you’re seduced by Chinatown, or downright thrilled by the festive atmosphere of the Latin Quarter, or downright crazy in the Gay Village.

In 4th position: Quebec

Next, we went to the second city of the province of Quebec after Montreal, Quebec City.

Here, there are no buildings like in Montreal, Quebec City is a small city, more European than its big sister. Classified as a Unesco world heritage site, it has kept all its charm and has a unique character that its old houses and small streets give it.

Personally, I loved the very warm atmosphere that reigns there.

A few minutes drive from Quebec City, I also advise you to go see the Montmorency Falls. You probably don’t know it but they are higher than the Niagara Falls.

Their flow is really impressive and they are just as beautiful in winter when they are frozen. A footbridge located at the top of the falls allows you to cross them, guaranteed sensations!.

In the 3rd ranking: Toronto

To visit Toronto is to discover the largest city in Canada and the 5th most populated in North America.

With its buildings, its trendy neighborhoods, its huge shopping mall, its mini Times Square and Chinatown, the city is often compared to its American neighbor New York.

Very cosmopolitan and lively, Toronto has a lot to offer from a tourist point of view and I advise you to integrate it into your tour in Canada.

The main attraction of Toronto is without a doubt to climb up the CN Tower, so I tried it. Knowing that I am afraid of heights, you can imagine that I found it impressive. You first have to take the elevator and when you get out a transparent glass floor allows you to admire the view 113 floors below. Glass windows also offer an exceptional panorama on the whole city.

Number 2: Vancouver

To visit Vancouver and its region is to discover a city regularly ranked among the best in the world to live in.

Between the ocean and the mountains, this city in Western Canada enjoys an exceptional location. It offers a variety of natural landscapes and allows you to practice a multitude of activities. Whether you are here in winter, summer or spring, you will always find something to do in Vancouver!

Among the activities I recommend you to do in Vancouver, you can climb to the top of the Vancouver Lookout tower to admire the panorama at 170 meters high, Take a walk in Stanley Park, Go to Granville Island to shop for local produce, And cross the Capilano suspension bridge, 70 meters above the river.

Number 1: Niagara Falls

For me, it is without a doubt the most beautiful memory in Canada and one of the must-see attractions on a trip to Canada.

With a 200-year history and primal wonder, the view of Niagara Falls has delighted visitors as one of the natural wonders of the world. Niagara Falls, which is an asset and a connecting point through the rainbow bridge between the United States and Canada, is known worldwide for its beautiful and mesmerizing set of three great waterfalls: the Bridal Veil Falls, the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. This ensemble is even the unique aspect of the Niagara regions.

By boat of course! Put on your poncho (smurf blue the year of our visit!), climb on the boat and let’s go for a nice ice cold shower! The boat takes you to the foot of the falls where the roar of the water is amazing and you can feel all the power that comes out of it.

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